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The QIAM Etsy store is now open! More lqqks and accessories coming soon!

Janie Stamm (Chicago, IL), illustrator
Cassie (Chicago, IL), community organizer
Kyle Turner (Toronto, ON), scientist
Mohammed Fayaz (Queens, NY), artist

All photography and graphic design by IAMKIAM Studios
Styling collaboration with Mister Junior

GET IT at the store:

On Janie: Handmade Leopard print lycra tank in pink
On Cassie: Handmade Leopard print lycra tank in blue
On Kyol: Original white glitter lace tank 
On Mobaby: Original multifunQtional drape top in powder blue jersey 
On Kyol: Handprinted Flora top (sold out) and matching jock strap (available soon)

See the campaign photos in high-resolution, revel in the rich details, then create your own art with them HERE

QIAM Mission Statement

QIAM is:
1. Elegant, simple, sexy, and fierce.
2. Unisex and gender ambivalent.
3. An expression of queer identity and a way to take up space.
4. Handmade to honor individual bodies and experiences.
5. An alternative to fast fashion outlets in an effort to subvert the industry, which is inherently capitalistic, colonialist, binary-based, and often comes at the expense of underpaid and exploited workers all over Asia.
6. Dedicated to the unnamed seamstress in the Philippines who raised me from ages 1-5 while my biological mother worked as a nurse in Saudi Arabia.
7. a way to take back the basic need to be clothed, and imbue it with intentionality.
8. A project powered by community interest, support, and love
9. Funded in part by the Chances Dances Mark Aguhar Memorial Grant.
10. A gift to me, by me, and for you.

Kiam Marcelo Junio


QIAM Store | Tumblr | Facebook | IAMKIAM.com 






Q  I  A  M 


Hey it’s me!

Also buy Kiam’s stuff. It’s cute n comfy.

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New Years Eve LQQKS: JÆ and Kiam in original QIAM tops.

On JÆ: Q Jersey on white glitter lace
On Kiam: Drape top in black/gold

Styled in collaboration with Mister Junior

Order yours today! Message or email me for details: kmjunio@gmail.com

Salonathon: LEX·IC·A - QIAM Summer Fashion Debut - July 2013

(Source: vimeo.com)



Selections from QIAM Summer Fashion Debut @ Salonathon: Lexica!

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

QIAM Ordering info

As I mentioned in the QIAM Mission Statement, the brand seeks to be an alternative to fast fashion.  Therefore, each tank top will be made to order.

Additionally, I will take payments on a sliding scale as well as a skill share and gift exchange.  I believe in alternative economies, and I want QIAM to operate as a negotiation that benefits both the artist and the buyer. That being said, I do need to eat and pay my internet bill, so cash money is always appreciated :P

Priority is given to local Chicago QPOC and allies. I’m trying to minimize mail use, and the exchange is done hand to hand, face to face. 

If you are interested in owning a QIAM original, please message me!